Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School



Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School is a maintained Primary setting. To apply for a place at our school, you will need to apply via Doncaster Council Admissions. Please follow this link to do so

When a position applied for is over subscribed, they are placed upon a 'waiting list' which is operated by DMBC Admissions. Should you need further information, please contact the admissions department at DMBC

Please be advised that a Nursery (FS1) place for your child does not guarantee a place in Reception Class (FS2). These are to be applied for separately as per the above school admissions link. 

Policies for amissions can be found with the below links:

Doncaster Council Nursery Admission Policy 2023-2024

Doncaster Council School Admission Policy 2023-2024

Key Dates for applications into school for year 2023/24

  • Closing date for Nursery Applications is Monday 2nd October 2023
  • Late applications can still be made and will be considered after the announcement date 
  • Closing date for Reception applications is the 15th January 2024