Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School

Engage  Innovate & Express Year 4


Engage  Innovate & Express Year 4


 Autumn 1

For our ‘Engage’ we staged a battle between the Celts and the Romans.

During the ‘Develop’ stage Year 4 worked with precision to create Roman Mosaics.

 For our ‘Innovate’ we built on our previous knowledge of shell structures to design a Roman Villa using Tinkercad.  

 As our ‘Express’ we staged a scene from a Roman Villa and shared our Roman Knowledge in role.



Autumn 2 


The Saxons land in Britain! For our ‘Engage’ we had a forest school morning as settlers attacked from their long boats.


For our ‘Develop’ stage we researched what life was like in a Viking Village and presented our findings to the class. We also used our map skills to study the location of the Saxon Shore Forts and sketched these in an aerial view.


During ‘Innovate’ we held a trade fair of Viking goods and even made our very own decorative Viking cloth using handmade block printing blocks!