Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School

Staying safe in our community

It is important to stay safe during school time, after school and school holidays. Remember the things to avoid and the safe things to do. Remember the assemblies that we have each year. Below is a quicker reminder of the key messages.

Remember to stay away from the Pit Tip. This is NOT a safe place to play and explore.

Remember the canal and river is NOT a safe place to play or swim. You should only be near the river or canal when supervised by a responsible adult.

At Kirton Lane we work closely with our community support officers. They help us to stay safe by visiting us regularly, sharing tips on what is safe to do and what is not. Remember to say hello to them when you see them in our community. Want to know more about our local police team? Click the picture below.

Bike, scooter and road safety


Click the picture below to play the road safety - tales of the road game