Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School


 Dinosaur prints and egg investigation Y1

Something very strange and mysterious happened in Year 1 today, we found giant dinosaur footprints in our classroom. When we followed them this led us to a dinosaur egg and nest in our forest school area. With it was a letter from a scientist explainting that it was our job this term to learn as much as we can about dinosaurs and do our best work to investigate what has happened! Here are some pictures from our day.



Enchanted Woodland Y1

This afternoon we went into our forest school area for a woodland walk and nature hunt. We used our 5 senses to observe all of the amazing things in our outdoor environment. To help us remember our nature walk when we got back to class we used Ipads to take pictures of what we saw.

Bright Lights, Big Cities Y1

This week we have been exploring and using different resources to find out more about our new topic London. We have had discussions and looked at videos and websites about the Royal Family, we have looked at maps and pictures of landmarks in London. Now we know a little bit more about London we are so excited to learn even more in this topic! This week we also received an invitation to afternoon tea with the King. Before we could go to the party we had to learn lots of facts about the King, the Royal Family and about London. We then used our voices to practice singing the National Anthem and made our own marching band.

We had so much fun at our afternoon tea with the Queen.

Memory Box Y1

As our engage for our new topic ‘Memory Box’ we are going to plan and prepare for a Teddy Bears picnic with our Nursery children. The aim of this session is to help us to understand more about our topic as we are going to be looking more at the past and how we change and develop so finding out about the needs of younger children at different ages by playing and spending time with younger children will be a great experience. Before we had our Teddy Bears picnic we had to plan and prepare. To do this we each made an invitation for each of the nursery children inviting them to the teddy bears’ picnic. We worked really hard to make sure these were in our best handwriting and gave out important information such as where and when the picnic will take place. As a class we also decided on songs to sing, books to read, and discussed the questions we might ask t our nursery friends.

We had so much fun at with our nursery friends!



Dinosaur exhibition Y1

We received a letter from a palentologist in America asking us to put on a dinosaur exhibition to show other classes and our parents eveything we have learnt this term about dinosaurs. Our challenge this week was to work in groups to come up with the different areas of our exhibition, plan a script of what we might say and make all the resources we would need ready to be shown in our dinosaur exhibition.

We had a fantastic time putting on our dinosaur exhibition and we hope our visitors enjoyed it too! Here are some pictures from our exhibition.

Enchanted Woodland Y1 

This week we received a letter from Mr Fox asking us to attend his woodland party. We have used everything we had learnt during our enchanted woodland topic to help to plan and attend a woodland part in our forest school area. This meant, sending a letter back to Mr Fox to accept our invitation, deciding on a story to take with us, making animal masks to wear to our party and even writing a list in order to organise and prepare the food to take with us for the party.

Bright Lights, Big Cities Y1

We have used everything that we have learnt about wheels and axels to make our own model car. Once we had made our vehicle we used a map of London to pretend we were carrying water to put out the Great Fire of London.

After we made our model cars we evaluated our work together, we discussed what went well in our project and what was difficult, we then thought about what we could do to improve next time if we were to do this again. We will use these ideas when evaluating our model car independently.


Memory Box Y1

This week we have completed our innovate project to create a memory box as a whole class. First, we had a discussion to explain that a memory box is a special place for you to keep important and treasured memories. We discussed what other people’s memory boxes might have in and we decided, as a class, what we wanted ours to have in.

We decided that as a class our memory box will have these things in:

  • A whole class picture with our names and dates written on the back
  • ‘All about me’ messages
  • Extra baby photos from home

Here are some pictures of our memory box. We are going to keep this memory box with us as a class as we move up school and open it in Year 6!


Dinosaur Movie - Y1 

Express: Dino movie (children to commentate over the movie, things they have learnt).

Pupils to type captions to the virtual video exhibition


This week in computing we worked together in small groups to record different parts of our dinosaur exhibit. We had lots of fun using the iPads to record but to ensure we used the iPads safely and responsibly we followed the rules we had come up with as a class. We also thought carefully about all the things that could affect the quality of our video such as background noise, someone forgetting their words, not pressing record, or the iPad wobbling. Once all the sections of our exhibit were filmed we used our school laptops to access the program word to type up some captions for our dinosaur exhibition video.

Enchanted Woodland Y1 

Throughout our Enchanted Woodland topic this term we have learnt all about the environment and nature. This week as part of our express work we have talked about and researched into importance of protecting the natural environment and animals that live in it and how we can do this. This week we have worked in groups to talk about all the different things we currently do to protect the environment at Kirton Lane. We have made posters to go up around school to inform everyone else about the importance of looking after the wildlife and our planet. We then came up with ideas of different ways that we could make our school better and protect our environment and the animals further. We then also planned and presented a short presentation to share our letter and ideas about how to protect the environment at KLPS with Year 2.

Bright Lights, Big Cities Y1 

For our computing work we have learnt how to use a BeeBot. We looked at what each of the buttons on a BeeBot does and talked about programming our BeeBot. On a map of London, we planned a route for our model car.


Memory Box Y1

For our express project we each bought in a picture from when we were younger. Around the picture we wrote some key facts about things that we liked, what we could do, what we couldn’t do ect at this time. We then invited some of our Year 3 friends to come and look at the pictures and read the facts and guess who the pictures were of. Once they guessed correctly we also shared some more key facts and information about the things we had learnt this term both about our past and important people from the past.