Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School

Engage, Develop/Innovate, Express - Year 2

 Autumn 1 - Magnificent Monarchs

Our learning was kick started when a castle appeared in our classroom!

Mrs Costello challenged us to create a castle that could withstand her ‘cannon’ attacks.

We created lots of castle using different materials, each time improving the structure of our castles to ensure a King/Queen was kept safe inside.

his half term we fully immersed ourselves in history!

We learnt about timelines and even put ourselves in a timeline based off of when we were born.



We focused our learning on six significant sovereigns and spent this half term learning all about them.

We role played many different historical events, which we had lots of fun with.

At the request of His Majesty King Charles II, we began to design and create a model of a potential new throne for the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace.

We used our knowledge of materials, their purpose and methods of joining to create the model.We presented our model thrones and the KING acrostic poems we have been working on in literacy. As a class we decided which throne was ‘fit for a king’!

Autumn 2 - Beachcomers