Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School

Curriculum Intent statement: 

At Kirton Lane, our curriculum is underpinned by our aims to provide all pupils with knowledge and skills that can be applied to the future challenges they are likely to face. We do this by ensuring there is purpose to learning and opportunities for application – demonstrating to our community that they can achieve. Throughout the wide ranging experiences we endeavor to give all our children, is our determination to encourage their resilience, perseverance, originality, pride and bravery (characteristics that have been chosen by our pupils). We want our children to aspire to achieve their best, be able to bounce-back from setbacks and learn from mistakes. Our curriculum is equally designed to support our pupils to manage their emotions, deal with conflict, solve problems and understand others’ perspectives. Serving the deprived yet ambitious community we do, we are determined to ensure our curriculum is geared to ensuring equitable experiences for all – ultimately raising the ambitions and opportunities of our Stainforth community.

Our Curriculum Implementation: 

At Kirton Lane, our curriculum is based on the Cornerstones Curriculum.  It is a creative and thematic approach to learning that is mapped to the Primary National Curriculum. It is aimed to ensure comprehensive coverage of national expectations. Please see our teaching and learning policy for further information


The model of Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express is used across school to provide a structure to learning and deliver the principles of our intent statement.

Engage: provides equity, ambition and excitement

Develop: provides opportunity to learn key component knowledge, skills and understanding whilst simultaneously enhancing pupils characteristics of effective learning

Innovate: provides pupils with the opportunity to apply their new or secured knowledge, skills and understanding demonstrating to them that they can achieve

Express: finally, express provides pupils with the opportunity to celebrate, share and develop their self-worth 


For more information on the National Curriculum's Programmes of Study, please click here

Implementation: Our chilli challenge

We use our 'chilli challenge' format across the school. Take a look at the video below to see what a chilli challenge is all about:

Our curriculum mapping - outlined below is the school's long term plan for EYFS and then the long term plan for Year 1 - Year 6

Our priorities 2023/2024 to continue to improve as a school

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