Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School


 School Staff 


Here at Kirton Lane we are very lucky to have such a hard working, caring team of people that make up our staff family. Our overall aim in school is to ensure the children are happy, healthy and are achieving to the best of their ability through our keys to success and core values. Below is a list of our staff's names, the class they work within and the role they have within Kirton Lane Primary School.  



Head Teacher:                    Mr T Foster (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Deputy Head Teacher:       Mrs K Blenkiron (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Inclusion manager)

Family Manager:                Mrs J Potter (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) 



FS1 Teachers :                    Mrs K Sheehan

FS2 Teachers:                     Mrs R Rogers

Y1 Teacher:                         Miss G Flint 

Y2 Teacher:                         Mrs S Costello

Y3 Teacher:                         Mrs D Risley-Jones  & Mrs J Heather 

Y4 Teacher:                         Miss J Peters

Y5 Teacher                          Mrs L Campton (SENDCo. Manager) Mrs M Butler (Y6 SEN Teacher/ LAC teacher)

Y6 Teacher:                         Mrs J Middleton, Miss E Rowson



Higher Level Teaching Assistant:  

Ms. J Espley (FS/ KS1)

Mrs T Leach (KS2)

Mrs J. Heather (KS1)




Teaching Support Assistants:

     Mrs L. Beddoes

     Mrs S. Cleland

     Mrs S. Duke

     Mrs D. Kitchen

     Mrs S. Lambert

     Mrs A. Oxley

     Mrs M. Turner

     Mrs B. Gregory

     Miss L. Knowles  

     Miss S. Farling   

     Mrs Corker-Fletcher

     Mrs C Peace       




 Office Staff


Business Manager:            Miss Y. Birkett

Administrative Assistant:    Mrs L. Collins 




Site Supervisor:                    Mr  J. Oxley



Cook in Charge:                    Mrs A. Turner                

Kitchen Support Staff:           Mrs T. Squires

                                              Mrs D. Atkinson



Senior Midday Supervisor:       Mrs W. Hill

Midday Supervisor:                  Mrs L. Adshead

                                         Mrs  T. Morris



Cleaning Staff:               

 Mrs J Finley

                                               Mrs D. Brolly



There are 0 employees with a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more.