Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School

Engage, Develop/Innovate, Express - Year 6



Britain at War Y6 - Autumn 1

For our ‘engage’, we experienced what digging a trench would have been like for a soldier in the war.

During the ‘develop’ stage of our topic we learnt lots about both World War 1 and World War 2. We looked at the causes of World War one and two and the impact these had on our country. We also explored the use of propaganda in the war and how it is still used today. 

 During the ‘innovate’ stage, we have designed and created an Anderson shelter. To design our Anderson shelter, we used our 3D modelling skills, that we have developed in computing, to make a detailed design. We also used our knowledge of electricity to create a circuit inside our Anderson shelter. 

As our express, we designed a remembrance poppy on Tinkercad first, using our 3D modelling skills. After that, we did a sketch of a poppy, from our 3D model design.