We are very fortunate to have developed this year, a forest school provision on site here at Kirton Lane. The provision has a fully trained Level 3 member of staff – Miss Farling. We believe this will aid our children’s mental health, emotional development and social skills – all that have been impacted by the pandemic. 

Why a forest school approach?

  • Develops self-regulation and self-evaluation through overcoming and working through challenges
  • Encourages risks and to over-come barriers which builds resilience
  • The individual needs of the learner is at the centre of the approach which enhances individual reflection
  • Enhances opportunity for social connections
  • Helps pupils to work through to a solution in a nurturing and safe environment

What might be included? – All for skills for later life

  • Play – this is vital for connecting children socially, building confidence and emotional regulation
  • Tree climbing – this is one way of managing risk and overcoming challenges
  • Fire – to develop perseverance, knowledge and safety awareness
  • Use of tools – develop physical skills for the future
  • Environmental care – understanding how we play a part in caring for the environment
  • Shelter building – developing team work skills and enhancing effective communication
  • Team challenges – learning how to communicate with others
  • Outdoor cooking – learning life skills
  • Rope skills – developing practical physical skills
  • Environmental art (hapazone) – developing knowledge and skills in art and the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors.


Forest School enables the children to build confidence; giving them the freedom, time and space to develop their independence. Our aims within Forest School is to encourage curiosity and exploration through all senses. 


With activities whatever the weather, Forest School is always made FUN!!


 Take a look at our slideshow below to prove it!