Stainforth Kirton Lane Primary School



At Kirton Lane, we are passionate about ensuring that every child has access to fun, exciting and meaningful opportunities across all areas of the curriculum, including music! 

Our music curriculum focuses on three main concepts; listening, composing and performing.

 As a school, there is a big emphasis on singing and exploration of music and musical instruments. Our children develop their listening skills and their ability to understand the world around them through music. Throughout the academic year, we provide opportunities for the children to experience new music or music they may be unfamiliar with, for example, through going to the pantomime at Christmas!


In Year 3 and in Year 4, we have access to the Doncaster Music Service. This enables our children to learn two instruments over the two years, ukuleles and guitars. Within this, the children have the opportunity to learn musical notation, how to compose music and how to perform. 


Year 3 and 4's Musical Showcase took place on Tuesday 11th July in the school hall. The children gave a brilliant performance for the parents, showcasing what they had learnt and how hard they had practiced this term. A big Thank You to Doncaster Music Teacher Zoe for all her hard work and time spent teaching the children! Well done everybody! 

In Year 4, the children will experience a lot of music learning as we have a whole topic on music in the Spring term.

Throughout this term, our children are expected to compose their own piece of music, using musical notation and to develop their understanding of the cultural significance of music, including the impact that music can have on people around the world.