Anti Bullying


Super Buddies and Buddies are pupils from Year 6 who volunteer to give a little bit of their time each week to help others at playtimes.  They receive training and on-going support to ensure that they have the skills to help others effectively.


The Mission

  • to be a role model around the school
  • to help people who are sad
  • to be impartial when pupils fall out
  • to help sort out problems
  • to help prevent bullying


The type of help we offer is:

  • serious incidents - take to a teacher
  • friendship fall-outs - help the children deal and don't take sides
  • practical help e.g teach little children how to play
  • help each other help others too!


How to find a Buddy and Super Buddy

  • Photos on the Buddies board
  • Area on website


Here are some websites that might be useful to children and parents if they feel they are being bullied.


Support for children and young people