School Attendance:

Why is regular school attendance so important for my child?

Regular attendance means your child can make the most of their education, improving their chances in adult life. Schools can also help your child's social skills, such as making and keeping friendships:


90% Attendance = Half a day missed every week!

90% Attendance = 1 day missed every other week!

90% attendance = 4 whole weeks of missed lessons!

90% attendance over 5 years of school = half a school year missed!                               

  Research suggests that 17 missed school days per year = A GSCE grade DROP in achievement (DCSF)

As indicated above, Good Attendance at school reflects

Good Achievement



The links between attendance and attainment are clear. The more a pupil is in school the more they increase their opportunity to fulfil their potential.  But - "Better late than never"

Holidays during term time:

There is no right time to have a holiday during term time, as your child is missing out on learning time. However, only in exceptional circumstances will leave be granted.  The law says that parents do not have a right to take their child out of school for holiday leave during term time.

If you need to take a holiday in school time a 'Leave of Absence' form must be completed and returned to the head teacher.

 This will enable the school to decide if your application can be granted under the Regulations.


How can I help my child attend school regularly?

  • Talk to your child about school
  • Take a positive interest in your child's work, including homework
  • Make use of school planner
  • Keep in touch with school staff
  • Contact school on the first day of absence if your child is unable to attend for whatever reason
  • Attend Parents' Evening and other school events


What are my responsibilities regarding my child's school attendance?

As a parent/carer it is your responsibility to ensure that any child of compulsory school age attends school both regularly and punctually. 



How will regular school attendance help my child?

School gives your child a wide range of opportunities and experiences in the form of academic lessons, educational trips and school clubs allowing them to develop their interests and achieve their full potential.  Regular school attendance means that your child can make the most of their education.


“Help Exterminate Poor Attendance”


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