Foundation stages 1 & 2


In our Early Year Foundation Stages, Kirton Lane aim to provide the children with the best possible start to school life.  We understand it is fundamental to ensure the children have a safe, happy enironment to learn through play. Below are details of topics and activities the children have been enjoying over the past term, and a glimpse of what is coming up.


 FS1 & 2 - Last term our topics included Dangerous Dinosaurs!

We came out of nursery to find dinosaur prints on the floor. We followed them and discovered dinosaur eggs! We carefully took them inside and looked for things to put them in to keep them safe. We found lots of things to put them in – but they were too big, too hard or the eggs would fall. 

We decided to make nests to keep our eggs safe. We learned how to join using glue and masking tape. We used our fine motor skills to dig out our eggs and find the dinosaurs inside!

We went on a dinosaur egg hunt and enjoyed lots of activities such as researching information on I pad’s, making fossils and exploring our slimy green swamp.

Our new topic for the summer term will be SUNSHINE & SUNFLOWERS